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Finca La Puebla S.A. de C.V.

Calle Vicente Suarez No. 101,
Altos. Esquina Ofelia Galindo
Xicotepec de Juárez
C.P. 73080 A.P. 41

Tel.: +52 764 764 2747
Fax: +52 764 764 2747

As you'll see from the Google Earth placemark, the farm is located in a quite remote area of the beautiful country. Guests should be prepared for an educating and relaxing stay. To aid your relaxation, you might also want to leave your cellphone behind, there is very weak signal strength for cellular reception.

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You get to Finca La Puebla best by either flying or driving to Poza Rica Airport (PAZ/MMPA). On the way to or from the farm, it is well worth every guests' while to visit the archeological site of Tajin. From Tajin ruins or the airport its about 2 hours by car until guests arrive at the farm.

The newly built guesthouse is fashioned and outfitted in the old traditional Mexican style. It is located on a hill with a commanding view over the entire plantation. Three nicely decorated sleeping rooms are at the guests' disposal during their stay on Finca la Puebla. Close to the guesthouse there is a stables and a small paddock, we the farm staff maintains three horses for those interested in seeing the farm the true Mexican way. And by the way: Our "chef" guarantees 100% typical Mexican food!